Workaholism: a Self-Destructive Coping Mechanism

For most part of my life, I used to call myself a workaholic. I used to be proud of my achievements and the careers I was building, and wore this badge with honor to the demise of my overall well-being. It was not until I had reached a breaking point Continue Reading

You are the First Responder

It has been two years since I have started my healing journey after a toxic relationship. This morning, I remembered the first six months of counseling and all the frustration that had come with it. While I had been struggling to overcome the trauma from my most recent encounter with Continue Reading

“What are your strengths?” a Useless Question

Have you ever left a job interview feeling stripped down and misjudged? Have you ever followed up later and seen who actually got the job with your head shaking, “How is this possible?“ In a time where sociopathy is on the rise, “What are your strengths?” seems like a useless Continue Reading

Subtle Red Flags of Covert Narcissism pt.1

When it comes to covert narcissists, we know that they can appear pretty articulate, charming, charismatic, knowledgeable, understanding, supportive, and caring. Conversations with them seem to be fun and interesting, at first, before they turn into mind-twisting manipulative conversations from hell and word salad if we get too far involved. Continue Reading

Stay for the children?

“We stay together for our children.” Parents First off, this article may surprise you, if you know that I do not have children. So how can I possibly be the judge of this situation? I can, because I was one of the children in a household of domestic violence where Continue Reading

Narcissism vs. Self-Love

You must love yourself firstbefore you can love someone else. The above saying is not only a cliché but it is also true. There is one thing narcissists and those who get involved with them for too long definitely have in common: a lack of self-love. Narcissists project their own Continue Reading

Keep the Evidence

If you were a victim of covert narcissistic abuse, chances are, you had been pretty much isolated, the abuse happened behind closed doors, and that is why a great number of people are not going to believe anything you say about this wonderful, charming, and supportive individual, i.e. the covert Continue Reading

The Book Aisle Sociopath

We are amidst the Christmas season, the malls are crowded, the music and decoration awake the spirit in us, and everyone is out buying presents for their loved ones. Everywhere we go, we feel love around us. Some of us spend those days with their families or partners, others are Continue Reading

What is narcissistic abuse?

Narcissistic abuse in intimate relationships is the systematic destruction of a narcissist’s partner for his/her personal gain of narcissistic supply. Victims supply a narcissist in various ways, e.g. attention, housing, transportation, money, sex, food, status, jobs, etc. Narcissistic abuse follows a universally recognizable pattern divided in the four phases: Idealization or Love-bombing Devaluation Discard Continue Reading

About the book Please click here. What this page IS about is a source of information on narcissistic abuse in addition to the same-called book Narcotic Love: In and Out of the Coma of Narcissistic Abuse. It provides blog posts and a form of community for victims and survivors Continue Reading