Crisis Reveals True Character

Crisis Reveals True Character

Our entire world is in survival mode right now. If the COVID-19 crisis we are currently experiencing does us only one favor, then it is revealing the true character of those we deem to be our loving and caring partners, family members, or friends. It would not be much of a surprise if our current circumstances lead us to cutting ties with those who display toxic and unsafe, if not even life-threatening, behavior toward us during these trying times.

How does our crisis reveal true character?

Anyone who is currently not maintaining self-quarantine or following the minimum to protect oneself and others from COVID-19 is clearly acting recklessly and most likely with a selfish motive behind his/her actions. A person’s selfishness becomes more obvious if he/she tries to lead (manipulate!) others to act against their own intuition and thereby put them at risk to contract the virus.

If anyone has not taken COVID-19 seriously last week, then it is most likely the case that the person is still not taking it seriously enough today. Due social pressure, you may, however, observe a sudden epiphany happening. Our careless individual is now trying to lecture others on how to stay safe, criticizing those who disobey the rules, and feigning empathy that will all stop behind the curtain; all of this is nothing but impression management. Inconsistency reveals hypocrisy. Has the person always displayed a consistent level of empathy outside of crisis situations? As a rule of thumb: look at their actions, don’t just listen to their words.

Ignorance & Arrogance
New facts are put out by the news on a daily basis. People’s ignorance to these facts that won’t make them adjust to the current circumstances is a sign of arrogance; rules and guidelines simply do not apply to them, at least, that is what they think. Feeling absolutely untouchable by the law or the risk to contract diseases, and not only putting their own lives at risk but that of others by doing so, is a sure sign of psychopathy. Nobody is above the law. Nobody is above nature.

While the government is doing its best to protect its people, COVID-19 is a matter of “Ask what you can do for your country” rather than asking what your country can do for you. We cannot allow such entitlement. Individuals are being asked to support the battle against COVID-19 by maintaining self-quarantine as a personal responsibility. Blaming others for getting sick while we can maintain most of the necessary precautions to stay safe and healthy ourselves, is a red flag that indicates a lack of self-responsibility and care for others that should not be ignored.